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Midwest Packaging Solutions, LLC collaborates with our customers to distribute innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective packaging solutions tailored to meet their needs.


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At MPS, we offer an arrangement of packaging materials that can be customized to exactly what you need for your supply-chain. Several of our most popular products include packing tapes, stretch film, shrink film, labels, corner board and protective packaging, additionally MPS offers over 6,000 customizable packaging items. Our sales experts have extensively toured warehouses and manufacturing facilities across all industries (medical, chemical, automotive, food processing, grocery, etc.). We have first-hand experience in qualifying and modifying systems and processes driving
production, packaging, and shipping for all types of products.

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Our reps do not hesitate to get on-site for a proper evaluation, we have over 30+ years of experience in the Chicagoland area, with an additional 10+ years of National presence.


We offer a wide selection of biodegradable stretch films and other packaging products that you can use to protect your shipments as well as the planet.


We know the importance of convenience when it comes to our customers’ demands. Call or email for a quote today and allow one of our reps to show you how simple our process is.

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The American standard pallet size is 40×48 inches. They are fully stackable for easy storage. Our pallets are all made of 100% wood. No plastic or metal pallets.

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Paperking offers two varieties of Gaylord Boxes: standard and industrial grade. These popular styles of boxes are made from high quality cardboard material

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Select preferred Professionals and time slot to book an in-clinic or video consultation.

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Select preferred Professionals and time slot to book an in-clinic or video consultation.

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Midwest Packaging Solutions, LLC.

At MPS, we offer an array of packaging materials that can be customized to exactly what you need for your product. Some of our most popular products include – Shrink Film, Stretch Film, Packing Tapes, Labels, Protective Packaging, & Corner Board.

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Service Program for Packaging Equipment

MPS goes the extra mile by also offering service on all of the equipment we sell as well as your existing equipment. Our service technicians are highly trained and certified by the manufacturers of the equipment we offer. They have expertise in the inner workings of each piece of equipment and know how to keep your equipment functioning at optimal levels.


Customer Experience Driven

Flexible films, tapes and labels can be purchased almost anywhere. So why do customers choose Midwest Packaging Solutions? It’s simple, our people. It’s the proactive service we provide them. With each customer, we learn their business and the products they use, and then recommend solutions that improve their performance and bottom line. We build trusted partnerships, working closely with our customers as their business grows, and their needs change.



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